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C3 is a leading cleaning company in the Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, Lindale, Palestine and surrounding East Texas areas. We can provide all the office supplies needed for the clean such as paper, plastic, soaps, sanitizers and the dispensers that match as many specialty services. C3 is a one-stop shop cleaning company for all your commercial and residential cleaning needs.

Services provided

    What makes C3 unique in the industry is our ability to customize your cleaning needs. We don’t just offer a blanket bid hoping to meet your needs. In the proposal process we will walk your facility with you to evaluate your situation. We engineer a program designed around the level of clean you desire for your office. Your price will be determined by what services are required to achieve the results you request.

    C3 is not just an office cleaning company. We use our same skill set to produce a one call final clean for your completed build. We are ready to take your residential or commercial build to its showcase stage. We understand that a touch up is sometimes required and have a minimal fee for a quick return to clean up any last minute punch out.

    C3 has the ability and background to handle your floors. Carpets need to be cleaned, deodorized, stains removed, or even disinfected we are the ones to call. Are your Vinyl floors not looking shiny and more? We can Strip and refinish those floors no matter what the size. Maybe a hard scrub and top coat is all you need and you can save some money. Is your tile and grout just not getting clean or feels greasy even after a mop? We have a solution to your flooring needs.

    Public restrooms are always any area where the rest of your business will be judged. No matter how nice everything else is when the restrooms are not acceptable word spreads and business is lost. We have a total restroom restoration process. The service can be done as needed or what we suggest is routine maintenance plan. The advantage is your restrooms are consistently a pleasure to be inside. We can bring back the clean smell and like new appearance of toilets and urinals.

    Our program is not only perfect in the commercial environment. Our residential services range from cleaning a private resident to a make ready for a real-estate. We use our same evaluation and program engineering so again success is achieved in the residential area.

    Ultimately our goal is 100% satisfaction in the first trip. While we strive to be perfect each and every time our human side gets in the way. C3 will not provide and nifty excuse to get out of a return service we will simply work it into the schedule as fast as possible. Usually the same or next day.

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C3 provides companies with the basic cleaning essentials and services to maintain a beautiful office. Please call our professional team with any questions regarding products we distribute or cleaning services we provide.
Phone: 903.714.2379

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Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, Lindale, Palestine and surrounding East Texas areas